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  Special Edition 2017/2018 No. 1 - Peplum!  

** Which Was Biggest? "Quo Vadis" versus "Ben-Hur"

** Box Office Beefcake - "Hercules" / "Hercules Unchained" / "Goliath and the Barbarians"

** Golden Calves: Steve Reeves Talks!"

** "The Giant of Marathon"

** "The Last Days of Pompeii"

** The Age of Muscle — The Italian epic cycle"

** "I Was the Son of Steve!" Full Moon's Charles Band on his role in "The Avenger"

** Sirens of the Spectaculars

** The Studios That Dripped Sweat

** Dynastic Diva: Joan Collins.

** Guilty Pleasures: "Goliath and the Dragon"

** Born Too Late: "Solomon and Sheba"



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